What is Kroma Art?

Kroma Art (formerly known as "Kroma") opened as a stained glass business in 1970, in Malibu, California with about a dozen stained glass windows, mobiles, platters and mirrors, all made of DICHROIC glass. No one had ever seen, let alone heard of this "magical" material. It took a long time and a lot of explanation before a reasonably large customer base developed. Then, word of mouth took over, the glass was just too exciting. Then an artist, Rupama, introduced the first line of Dichroic jewelry. The material came to be nationally accepted as a popular, striking, and unusual art medium. Rupama and her husband Murray moved their studio, "Kroma" to Santa Fe, New Mexico in the early '90's and there Rupama developed the line of "KROMASTONES". She separated from Kroma in 2011 and moved to Florida to establish herself as a nationally known premier glass artist. Her jewelry is shown in museum gift shops and luxury retail galleries all over the country.